Water Surveys

Water Surveys

Working to the latest EA Specification v5.0, our surveyors specialise in surveying watercourses of varying sizes. Communicating with the clients and hydraulic modellers throughout the project enables us to work efficiently, effectively and within budget.

Cross Section Survey - Water Surveys

Cross Section Survey

With a wealth of experience in Cross Section Surveys, Precision Point Surveys Ltd work alongside Flood Modellers, ensuring data is collected efficiently and effectively.

Important data outputs produced for modellers include, but are not limited to; EACSD, ISIS, HECRAS and XYZ. These outputs are delivered alongside detailed Cross Section, Long Section and Location Plan drawings at appropriate scales, using the latest AutoCAD software.


Our surveyors use a combination of surveying techniques to collect Threshold Level data of residential and commercial properties in a given predicted flood outline. Using our experience we will determine the critical water level entry points on an individual basis – by working through this process, you can be sure that the property has been correctly placed in the flood plain.

Our surveyors have years of experience communicating to property owners and tenants the reasons for threshold levelling. Utilising new and old style surveying techniques, data can be measured, stored, checked and presented in the most effective manner. The most popular outputs are XYZ accompanied by AutoCAD Mapping with water entry heights overlaid.

Thresholds - Water Surveys
Bathymetric - Water Surveys


Using a range of bathymetric sensors available, we are able to measure the bed of a water body to determine its size, shape and volume. These surveys are typically used to determine the volume of reservoirs.

This technique can also be undertaken when surveying rivers to map their depth. Our bathymetric surveys can be complemented with a land based topographic survey to capture any topography above the water line, providing comprehensive data coverage above and below water, whilst also adding control to the survey.

Flood Plains

Over recent years there has been a growing awareness about flooding and the environmental impact on areas at risk. Some areas of the country are more at risk than others but there is a general requirement to establish flood risk on proposed developments, to satisfy planning and environmental requirements.

Background OS mapping can be imported into the latest robotic TPS and GPS equipment and used in live ‘Real-Time’ to survey floodplains specified by the client.

Flood Plains - Water Surveys

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