Variety is the spice of surveying

Since the new year began we’ve been carrying out a number of Stockpile Calculation Surveys for Demolition Companies and Boundary Surveys for Private Land Owners in the Midlands. As much as it’s nice to be out of the rivers during the winter months… we do secretly enjoy getting our feet wet, so as always we have been delivering important River Channel data, to EA spec, for our regular clients.

It’s always nice to receive positive feedback about our work and the professionalism of our staff:

“Very pleased with the service provided and with the deliverables. Tom was very professional and understood the survey brief perfectly. Thanks” – Flood Mapping Survey in Cambridgeshire

“Very friendly and efficient staff who were very accommodating to my needs. Thank you.” Boundary Survey in Warwickshire

With a number of quotations currently out for topographical and flood risk surveys, the first quarter of 2019 continues to look busy. If you have any survey queries or require quotations please get in touch on 01608 430609 or

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