Sizzling Surveyors

“Hot isn’t it?”
“Too hot!”

That tends to be a regular conversation starter on site at the moment for our staff.

Our survey teams have been keeping cool by wading through a number of rivers up and down the country including a Flood Mapping Survey in Stevenage, a drainage survey for a new development near Maidenhead and a Hydraulic Structure check survey in Yorkshire (where we met Dave and his mate (in the bottom picture – clearly no air con in their truck).

Whilst it’s nice paddling in rivers during this heatwave, it sometimes comes as a welcome break from the waders when a topographical survey comes in. One of our teams carried out a level survey on a multi story car park, taking levels in a number of drilled boreholes on the first floor and the ceiling of the ground floor. This helped engineers to obtain the thickness of the concrete beneath the asphalt and confirm whether the drainage on the first floor was working correctly or not.

Feedback from client ‘Would certainly use Precision Point Surveys again!’

We have a full schedule for the next few weeks carrying out a Flood Mapping Survey in Hertfordshire and a Tree Survey (shade!) in Warwickshire.

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