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The latest stop for the PPS Train was at the River Freshney in Grimsby.

With fresh fish awaiting us in the evenings, we worked up our appetites with early starts and four days of site work.

The task in Grimsby was to ascertain the water capacity of the River Freshney’s flood basin.

To do this, we surveyed the left bank of the river and the flood embankments surrounding the flood basin. We also surveyed the low points around the basin to see where the water could spill out from.

Sections were surveyed along the river’s left bank every 25 meters – starting from the water’s edge and ending 10 meters past the crest. This style of surveying was also carried out on other banks in the area surrounding the flood basin.

Additionally, surveyors checked measurements through the flood basin, wading through three meter tall reeds along the way! Surveys were undertaken across three long sections through the basin – checking against existing depth data and taking a point every 20 meters.

Another job completed and another satisfied client. But, most importantly, a weather update from North East Lincolnshire. Grim!

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