Leicestershire Development Topographic Survey


Detailed survey of disused land between terraced houses in a built up area of Leicestershire. Our client had been asked by the landowner for a detailed topographic drawing in order to submit an application for possible new build properties.

Client Requirements:

  • Topographic drawing at 1:200 scale
  • OS Grid
  • All hard detail collected including Inspection Cover levels, no below ground data required
  • Overhead cables
  • Surrounding buildings including ridge and eave levels
  • Photographs throughout the site

Survey & Deliverables

  • Access was arranged for the locked up land.
  • Correct equipment prepared including vegetation tools.
  • All mapping and emails printed off for site visit.
  • Permanent control stations were established on the road and checked with a GNSS Receiver.
  • Road data was collected first as the gate to the land was to be opened mid-morning.
  • Once vegetation had been cleared within the site, a grid of levels were collected without incident.
  • Time was taken to ensure the boundaries were surveyed as best possible.
  • Buildings outside of the site were surveyed using non-contact Total Station methods.
  • Data was downloaded from the Total Station and GPS and imported into LSS.
  • Measurements were then tightened up in LSS.
  • Survey was then exported to AutoCAD.
  • Final amendments are then made to the drawing and a title sheet is put on the survey.

Client Feedback:

“Thank you for this, we are very happy with the survey”

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