Is it cheating taking a Trimble R8s GNSS Receiver into a Maize Maze!?

Something slightly different this month – we were contacted by Fosseway Garden Centre who required an accurate, coordinated drawing of the boundaries around their Maize Maze field. This drawing would then be used when mapping out the Maze each year as it would show the designer exactly how much space they have to work with. Using the Trimble R8s GNSS Receiver our survey team mapped out the fencelines around the field. These measurements were transferred to a CAD drawing and cross referenced to an Excel (.csv) spreadsheet to make up the final deliverables.

Of course we have still managed to get our feet wet recently, carrying out a number of river channel surveys. These included a river survey in Berkshire where the client was looking to install a fishpass and another survey in Northamptonshire where a cross section survey was required along 2km of watercourse, as part of an FRA due to a small development in the area.

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