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It’s been a busy few months here at PPS.

Our final job of 2022 took us to Cambridgeshire, where we certainly got our steps in!

This was a large job – consisting of 265 cross sections over a 10km stretch of the river, across various terrain and weather.

We battled through snow, wind, rain and, thankfully, a small hint of sunshine too. In fact, the weather was so disastrous that river levels were too high for us to work on one day – a real rarity.

Regardless, we completed the project in the agreed timeframe which was greatly appreciated by the client.

From Cambridgeshire we moved on to the Barnet area of London for a few days – updating levels of a small beck running through housing.

It was here that there was personal drama for the PPS team – a lost wallet! Having retraced our steps in the hunt for it we ultimately had to accept defeat.

Alas, hope arrived a few days after the job. Mrs PPS found the wallet down the side of the car seat. Cue total embarrassment from those that had undertaken the ultimate ‘man look’!

Next on the sat nav was a return to Cambridgeshire for a one day job where we updated the levels of the River Kym. As well as surveying open channels every 20 meters, surveyors also undertook a detailed survey of three structures for the client.

Finally in this quick update, we were off to Gloucestershire for a couple of weeks. A part of the world where Mr PPS went to school, full of natural beauty. This particular job involved us surveying 70 cross sections of open river, river in the shadows of forests, old mills and huge ponds.

It’s the diversity that keeps us on our toes and, again, it was mission accomplished by the team.

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