Billinghay Timberland Catchment Study


Survey 269 Cross Sections including 77 Structures and 2 Pumping Stations over 51km of Internal Drainage Board watercourses in the Billinghay and Timberland catchments.

Client Requirements:

  • Cross Sections taken at 250m intervals or at a substantial change in profile.
  • Long Section describing the full extent of the maintained systems from the pumping stations.
  • Record all features such as culverts, gauge boards, intakes and outfalls – noting all relevant dimensions and material types.
  • Information recorded in such a format as to be compatible with its use to create a hydraulic model (HEC-RAS in Hard and Soft Bed Geometries).
  • Survey results to be provided electronically (AutoCAD).
  • Permanent TBMs to be established on the weedscreen decks of Timberland and Billinghay pumping stations.

Survey & Deliverables

  • Significant time invested in labelling each of the 28 drains and giving each requested cross section a unique ID.
  • Uploading all cross section locations onto Trimble R8s GNSS Receiver.
  • Splitting the workload into manageble areas for each survey team.
  • Open cross sections surveyed with GNSS Receiver due to flat, unobstructed Lincolnshire Fens.
  • Structures surveyed using Leica Total Station as per Environment Agency specification.
  • All data downloaded at the end of each day. Sections built in river survey software. Photographs referenced to unique names.
  • Progress reports sent to client at the end of each week. Schedule for following week included.
  • Watercourses processed by surveyor that collected the data to eliminate any errors.
  • In-house processing procedures followed to maintain consistency.
  • Data outputs included ISIS, HecRAS and XYZ.
  • Independent checking system carried out.
  • Deliverables produced and sent to client 2 weeks in advance of the agreed completion date.

Client Feedback:

“I have QA’ed all the survey and everything looks spot on”

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