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Precision Point Surveys Ltd

Specialising in River Cross Section Surveys, Precision Point Surveys supply detailed, accurate and reliable data to clients for the purpose of creating flood risk models.

Using the latest survey technology on site, alongside purpose built River Cross Section software in the office, Precision Point Surveys are equipped to produce essential drawings and data outputs in line with the latest EA Specification 4.0.


Land & Hydrographic Surveys

Land & Hydrographic Surveys - Water Surveys

Water Surveys

Working to the latest EA Specification v4.0, our surveyors are experienced in surveying watercourses of varying sizes. Communicating with the clients and hydraulic modellers throughout the project enables us to work efficiently, effectively and within budget.

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Land & Hydrographic Surveys - Land Surveys

Land Surveys

Using the latest surveying technology including Robotic Total Stations and GNSS Receivers, Precision Point Surveys are able to produce highly accurate, cost effective topographical survey drawings whilst working closely with our clients to ensure maximum efficiency.

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